Case Studies

An expatriate policyholder in Palawan

Euro-Center Bangkok

An expatriate policyholder in Palawan, the Philippines, was taken to a nearby hospital in a local ambulance. The local treating doctor and the Euro-Center Bangkok doctor held a telephone conference and the diagnosis was established to be a fracture of the left shoulder. Euro-Center Bangkok holds detailed information about the hospital as a consequence of regular site inspections and local knowledge. It was therefore confirmed that the medical capabilities were good and the policyholder was admitted to the facility’s ICU instead of going through an extensive and expensive air evacuation procedure. After three days in ICU, the expatriate was deemed fit to fly and was repatriated with a medical escort to Manila, his place of residence.

Transport of medication to Ethiopia

Euro-Center Cape Town

The policyholder had multiple organ failure in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Treatment with certain medication was required in order to make the policyholder fit for flight, but such medication was not available in Ethiopia. Euro-Center Cape Town requested that a local pharmacy produce an amount as quickly as possible. This was flown with a paramedic to Addis Ababa and administered. The medication was required within 16 hours and it was a very stressful exercise. Meanwhile, the pharmacy produced more, which was also flown up. Once the policyholder was stabilised, air evacuation was organised to Europe for further treatment.

Preventing unnecessary surgery

Euro-Center Istanbul

A 9-year-old boy was referred to a local hospital in Izmir, Turkey, with abdominal pain. The medical report stated the diagnosis as acute appendicitis. Our medical advisor’s review found no evidence of this. Euro-Center Istanbul immediately transferred the boy to another hospital in the same town. There he was diagnosed with abdominal lymphangitis, which was resolved by medical treatment and he was discharged the next morning. Total savings: € 10 000 + a 9-year-old boy avoided unnecessary surgery.

Fraud confirmed via Facebook

Euro-Center Cape Town

Euro-Center Cape Town received invoices from a hospital in Cameroon, claiming cost for 21 days of cholera treatment for a young Scandinavian traveller. A copy of the policyholder’s passport and valid insurance card was attached to the claim. The Cape Town claims handler found that the claims costs were too high and that the treatment chosen for cholera unusual. He therefore decided to investigate further. After looking up the policyholder on Facebook, it became clear that he had indeed travelled in Cameroon, but not on the particular dates listed on the hospital bill. The claims handler contacted the policyholder via Facebook and received confirmation from him that he had visited the clinic in question three months earlier as an outpatient for a minor health matter. He confirmed that he was travelling in the USA during the 21 days where he was supposedly admitted to the clinic in Cameroon. The claims handler contacted the clinic and the treating doctor for more information. The treating doctor repeatedly hung up, and the claim was declined as fraudulent.

Medical specialist consultation via Skype for remote policyholder

Euro-Center Sydney

A policyholder in Tonga suffered a left wrist laceration from an accident with a machete knife. The suspected diagnosis was a severed tendon. Due to a lack of medical specialist treatment in Tonga, Euro-Center Sydney arranged a Skype specialist consultation with an Upper Limb Specialist in Brisbane, Australia. Euro-Center Sydney further supported with a medical visa and steerage of the policyholder to Brisbane as opposed to New Zealand, which saved the insurance € 3 900.

Speedy cash solution on Gran Canaria

Euro-Center Mallorca

A desperate Scandinavian male called us a Friday afternoon from Gran Canaria. He had recently divorced and was on holiday for the first time alone with his two small children. Unfortunately, he had had his wallet stolen and now stood with no money, alone and with two children – and banks close early on a Friday afternoon. At Euro-Center Mallorca, we called our preferred ambulance company in the area, and asked if somebody was nearby and if they had cash at hand. We emailed a claims form to the hotel and asked the unfortunate dad to go down to the lobby and wait for "Jose Louis". 20 minutes later Jose Louis arrived with sufficient cash for the client to continue his holiday. Jose Louis brought us the police report and the signed claim form. The dad called us that evening. He was so happy that he almost started to cry. He never thought a claim could be settled at this speed and best of all was that he would not have to call his ex-wife and explain the blunder.

Managing costs in the US

Euro-Center New York

Euro-Center New York were notified by a provider in La Jolla that a policyholder was admitted to ICU with snake bite. The policyholder only needed a one night stay and coverage was confirmed by the insurance to cover all costs. After 12 days, the hospital sent EC an invoice of $ 143 989 USD for one night in hospital. Even for the US this is high. The case hit media in the US and the policyholder’s country of origin in Europe. Our specialised discount negotiation team adeptly negotiated a 35% reduction. The policyholders stated in the media his appreciation for our assistance: “it would have been very, very bad otherwise. I try not to think about that”.

Accident on a small Greek island

Euro-Center Larnaca

A policyholder had a serious motorbike accident on a small Greek island, which only has a limited public medical center. The policyholder needed to go to the nearest island for an MRI scan and possible treatment. It was not possible for Euro-Center Larnaca to have him picked up by an air ambulance as there is no landing strip on the island and the distance was too far for a helicopter service. The only official transport out of the island was with a ferry, but there was no guarantee of the policyholder being able to lie down, which was essential. Therefore, Euro-Center Cyprus hired a private speedboat, which swiftly got the policyholder to the nearest bigger island. The trip was not particularly comfortable but it took 30 minutes. A ground ambulance was organised to pick the policyholder up from the pier and he was taken to the bigger preferred medical center. A MRI was taken, he was admitted to the medical center for treatment and his wife provided with a comfortable hotel. After some days of treatment, the policyholder was transported back to his home country with an air ambulance.

Policyholder in a remote argentinian area

Euro-Center São Paulo

Euro-Center Prague was notified by the insurance company by email that a German Policy Holder was admitted in a public HS in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina, in a very serious condition and without no family/companion. San Salvador de Jujuy is a very remote location, with almost no claims reported until that date. Euro-Center Sao Paulo was immediately activated and started the investigations to figure out Hospital`s correct name and locate policyholder. The local office was finally able to obtain Public Hospital`s confirmation that the policy holder was being treated there and obtained all the necessary documents to confirm the coverage, although those documents are rarely shared by public Hospitals in Argentina. After transfer approval, Euro-Center Sao Paulo was also able to organize an air ambulance transfer with reasonable cost to the Capital, Buenos Aires, as San Salvador de Jujuy had no medical structure to keep treating the patient. Once admitted in the best local provider in Buenos Aires the policy holder received the best treatment possible, including rehabilitation treatment and psychologist support. Eventually the policyholder was able to be repatriated to Germany and Euro-Center São Paulo was responsible to do all the necessary local arrangements to make it possible, such as bureaucratic documents and ground ambulance until the airport. The policy holder`s brother - who was in frequent contact by email from Germany - confirmed to EC Prague that the policyholder was finally safe at home together with his family and sent to both EC offices, Sao Paulo and Prague, compliments for the service.