Corporate Responsibility

Our core business is to assist people that need help during travels or while stationed abroad. We strive to help through empathy, strong networks, qualified staff and close communication.We are committed to dealing fairly in our interaction with customers and partners, and not least in our services towards the insured members that we are entrusted to take care of on behalf of our customers.


In all lines of our business, we are focused on environmental and social aspects and wish to offer solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

Inspired by the United Nations Global Compact principles we aim at establishing and developing our business with respect for human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

We wish to make a positive contribution to the environment and society with our conduct regardless of the destination and encourage our staff to take part in these contributions.


Our goal is to promote good leadership and equal opportunities. Based on the principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), we are committed to offer our staff a safe and inspirational work environment based on the standards on equality of opportunity and treatment.

We believe in ongoing education and development of our staff to enable them to grow in their role and improve their personal skills.


In order to maintain the trust of our customers, staff, business partners and other stakeholders, we are committed to complying with the laws and regulations affecting our business.

We monitor actively all regulations concerning taxation, data protection, anti-money laundry, financing of terrorism and anti-fraud. We take all necessary precautions to follow these regulations in all the location where we are present.

In order to uphold our reputation and integrity we promote an open door policy where our staff is encouraged to bring any doubts or suspicions forward to their managers or our internal compliance function. It is vital that our staff is assured that full confidentiality is maintained should they report any suspicions.

To maintain and constantly improve the quality of our services, we have implemented a quality management system. Our aim is to always keep our processes aligned with the requirements of the ISO Standards.