This overview serves to provide an overview of our capabilities in respect of servicing our clients and their policy holders and employees during the WHO announced COVID-19 pandemic.


Contact the local Euro-Center for local insight and advice.

All local Euro-Centers are updated on the situation in each of their countries of responsibility.

This includes advice on COVID-19 testing and local COVID-19 medical facilities, case volume developments, local restrictions and various supporting services.

Our employees live in the region and have insight into regional developments and the local view on this. Some of this information may not be apparent in the international media.

Due to Euro-Centers close cooperation with medical providers, there has been incidents where the local Euro-Center is updated on a new development prior to it being available in the media.

Contact information of each Euro-Center is listed on


Euro-Centers continue to provide assistance to policy holders in all ordinary medical cases, as well as for policy holders affected by COVID-19.

We know which medical facilities are allocated as COVID-19 facilities and which ones are not. It is therefore imperative that EC is involved to place the GOP and give the relevant provider recommendations.

For non COVID-19 cases, normal case handling applies.

In respect of support on Coronavirus concerns and active cases, the following applies:

  • Scenario 1: Policy holder has COVID-19 symptoms and needs to be tested for COVID-19. Euro-Center can support and refer to the relevant facility.

  • Scenario 2: Policy holder tests positive for COVID-19. Euro-Center will service policy holder within the limits of local restrictions. EC can liaise with policy holder, authorities, embassies and family.

  • Scenario 3: Policy holder is in quarantine outside country of origin. Euro-Center can support the policy holder as required and within local restrictions. Advice for co-traveller or family will also be provided.


Our AA partners are able to extract individuals or provide mass evacuations, within the restrictions imposed by authorities. The limitations may change at short notice.

  • Commercial flight bookings.

  • Mass evacuation by charter flight from not restricted area. The global demand is high for chartered flights, but Euro-Center benefits from many provider agreements.

  • Individual transport home:

          - Scenario 1: Policy holder is ill or injured. The AA facility may require a negative COVID-19 confirmation before transport.

          - Scenario 2: Policy holder tests positive for COVID-19. Euro-Center will service policy holder within the limits of local restrictions on evacuation and processes. EC can liaise with policy holder, authorities, embassies and family. EC does have contacts to AA providers who are willing to transport COVID-19 patients.


  • Deployment of medical personnel to support extraction from non-restricted areas. Our own medical personnel or those of our providers are experienced in air evacuations and policy holder support.

  • Telemedicine – urgent telephonic consultation to establish symptoms of disease

  • Logistic support (arranging transportation, on site luggage support etc.)

  • Liaison with local authorities and foreign missions.


Travellers should follow sensible guidance to prepare for their trip and reduce risk of exposure to COVID/19 while this outbreak is ongoing.

The travellers should be aware of and keep up to date with the latest official advice offered by the country of departure and the country of destination. The various ministries of foreign affairs are generally a good source of reference.

Changes affecting entire regions may be enforced at very short notice. It is therefore also recommended that the travellers checks the airline, tour operator or other transport and accommodation for up to date information.

For English updated information on travel restrictions, please refer to

There is likely enhanced screening at entry and exit ports.

There is also a risk that the travellers has to self-isolate for a set period, even if there are no symptoms upon return. If such self-insolation is required at the destination, Euro-Center can support as advised above.


Security support is available to all our clients. The following information is provided by Security Exchange (SE)

  • SE is able to provide on the ground support. It may not be possible in areas where travel is restricted or where areas are in shutdown. However clients will still be assisted with direct information, advice and guidance, liaison with authorities, message delivery.

  • For insurance companies, SE would in conjunction with EC be able to set up command posts which would be manned and act as the main portal for all concerned parties.

  • SE already has direct hotline support at EC alarm companies.

  • SE can assist corporates with contingency planning and business continuity guidance.

  • SE can prepare, in advance, scenarios/plans for lockdown situations

  • For stranded travellers, SE advice would concentrate on staying safe whilst ensuring, as much as possible, that supplies are stored, and communications are managed.

  • It is important that persons who cannot leave an area are safeguarded as much as possible. Whilst SE may not be able to actually provide on the ground assistance in all cases, SE would seek to prepare clients in terms of their security and well-being.


The symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing (severe cases)


The following is recommended to reduce the general risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections:

  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections

  • Practice frequent hand-washing, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment

  • Use of facemask is generally not recommended outside clinical settings for personal protection. Should a mask be required at the local destination, continued other precautions should be continued to minimise the risk of transmission.

  • Avoid crowded areas, especially inside.

  • Apply common sense and curb the urge to panic. The COVID-19 fatalities are rare and most of these patients have already been immune depressant patients.


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