Tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia

After apowerful earthquake hitting the Indonesian island Sulawesi causing at least onedeath and dozens injuries in the early evening local Indonesian time Friday, atsunami followed affecting the coastal city of Palu, with over 300 deaths andmany more injured recorded so far. 

 Rescueactions are ongoing and the recorded number of fatalities can increase. Severalaftershocks have been reported, and there is extensive damage reported. Localauthorities are challenged in coordinating their rescue efforts by power andcommunication cuts after the incident. Furthermore infrastructure such as roadsto and from Palu and airport is affected. People in location are advised toremain vigilant, gather in safe areas and avoid slopes or hills as moreaftershocks can occur damaging houses and buildings.

 Euro-CenterBangkok is in contact with local providers in the region and will update you aswe have more advice and information.

 Please do nothesitate to contact us at Bangkok@euro-center.com