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For assistance companies, providing the best customer service to policyholders while managing costs in order to protect an insurer’s precious premium income is a challenge not to be underestimated. Tatum Anderson asks how to offer high quality customer service without it costing the earth?


A snapshot of supply and demand in the Turkish Health Sector and its effects on Tourism Health - Private hospitals have boomed in the last decade in Turkey offering high technological and professional standards. The over-supply of fully equipped private hospitals in the tourism areas have exceeded the demand and the comission based “referral syatem” between hotels, clinics and hospitals result in minor health problems being over-treated in hospitals. Euro-Center Turkey carefully screens all inpatient treatment requets before sending a guarantee of payment and supervises all active treatments in order to enable policy holders access the right level of care and receive the right amount of treatment according to the international standards.

- Ayçe Riley, GM Euro-Center Turkey - ITIJ [August 2015]

ASSISTANCE & REPATRIATION REVIEW 2014 - Fighting the fraudsters
Travel insurance fraud has many guises, but whether it comes from the consumer or the medical provider – or whether it is inadvertently encouraged by tour company representatives, taxi drivers or hotel doctors in resorts – assistance companies on the front line of care co-ordination have a vital role to play in deterring fraudulent activity.

- Ayçe Riley, GM Euro-Center Turkey [September 2014]

ITIJ Review Cost containment - "Improper billing practices"...

- Ayçe Riley, GM Euro-Center Turkey - ITIJ [October 2013]

ITIJ Review - COST CONTAINMENT - Insights into Cost containment measures necessary in Turkey and beyond...

- Ayçe Riley, GM Euro-Center Turkey - ITIJ [October 2012]

Cost Containment company and provider of the year
(to include PPOs and general services)
Award winners 2008 - Budapest

- ITIJ [2008]

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