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Local Services and Worldwide Emergency Assistance

Euro-Center employees are well informed about the local community and have a thorough understanding of local traditions and culture. In addition to assistance and claim coordinators, local Nurses and Doctors are employed at Euro-Centers to ensure proper care, first-hand knowledge of local medical standards and capabilities.

Euro-Center functions as the extended arm of assistance companies. Due to our in-depth local knowledge, we are able to ensure the best possible treatment for the policyholder when medical care is required.

Euro-Center is often the policyholder’s first contact with their insurance company. Euro-Center employees strive to be good representatives while providing reassurance and personal support to the policyholder in need of assistance.

Assistance services include:

  • Recommendation of outpatient clinics, doctors and hospitals
  • Issue guarantee of payment / verification of benefits
  • Arrangement of transport (ambulance, taxi, flight etc.)
  • Arrangement of medical evacuations and repatriations
  • Booking of hotel
  • Obtain medical reports
  • Translation (e.g. medical reports)
  • Cost containment
  • Arrangement of cash payment to policyholders
  • Support assistance company’s medical escort teams
  • Communication with policyholder, tour guides, employer etc.
  • Coordination with embassy, tour guide etc.
  • Advanced reporting and statistics

After reviewing a case in Africa that was handled without involvement of Euro-Center Cape Town, our audit findings determined that we could have saved the customer in excess of 27,445 € and a great amount of discomfort because our area knowledge identified a much less complex solution for the treatment.

Key benefits:

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Referrals to best possible medical treatment
Thanks to our large network of medical suppliers and local knowledge, we are able to direct patients to the best possible facility for their specific needs.
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Guaranteed treatment
We issue payment guarantees to hospitals and medical suppliers thereby securing treatment for patients in need of surgery, etc.
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Multiple language skills
All our claims handlers are multilingual, which means that they speak the local language as well as the first or second language of the policyholder.
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Professional evacuation and transportation arrangements
In close cooperation with assistance companies, Euro-Center arranges all possible means of transport to ensure that patients are transported safely to the best possible treatment.
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Euro-Center is a local gateway to a worldwide service and assistance network for travel insurance and assistance companies, that ensures optimal and relevant treatment at the best possible price.
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