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Claims Handling

Euro-Center offers a complete range of claims handling services.

The settlement of a claim is carried out either via direct billing (cashless service) or by reimbursing the policyholder. As needed, we set up direct billing agreements with our medical suppliers. The policyholder simply has to show the insurance card, and the invoice is sent to Euro-Center.

Should the policyholder be treated by a supplier outside of our network, the invoice should still be sent to Euro-Center for processing and reimbursement. Many policyholders value this service, since claims are expedited locally. In addition, the regional know-how and language expertise of Euro-Center facilitates the process.

Cost containment takes place before, during and after an incident. Cost containment has become an increasingly important element of healthcare worldwide, and Euro-Center aims to ensure reasonable prices without compromising the quality of the medical treatment.

Claims handling services include:

  • Verification of validity and coverage
  • Claims processing
  • Medical audit
  • Cost containment
  • Translation of documents
  • Communication with policyholder, tour guides, employer etc.
  • Fraud investigation
  • Assistance in recourse cases
  • Advanced reporting and statistics
By having effective procedures and detailed knowledge about our customer’s insurance products, we are able to ensure turn-around times within 7-10 days.

Key benefits:

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Seamlessly integrated services
Euro-Center functions as an integrated part of the insurance company service. Our business system integrates with all claims management systems. We provide a dedicated telephone line for inbound phone calls on request.
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No overpayments
Bills from medical suppliers are reviewed by our experienced claims handlers and medical doctors to make sure that patients have received the relevant treatment.
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Short processing time
Our efficient claims handlers ensure that reimbursements and payments are handled swiftly.
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Cashless treatment
Being a trusted partner, payments are done ‘behind the scenes’ so that patients do not have to hand over cash for their treatment.
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Cost-effective fraud investigations
As a result of our investigator’s local knowledge and language skills, potential fraud cases are uncovered in a cost-effective manner.
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Euro-Center is a local gateway to a worldwide service and assistance network for travel insurance and assistance companies, that ensures optimal and relevant treatment at the best possible price.
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