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Customer support is an integral part of the Euro-Center service concept.

Our multicultural mindset ensures that customers are well informed and secure if a claim should occur away from home. Whether through introductory information, referrals to clinics and hospitals or advice in general, clients receive the highest standard of customer service.

The expertise of the Euro-Center organization means that every customer can rest assured that they will have easy access to high quality care. In areas where it is needed Euro-Center produces local insurance cards in order to secure guidance and an effortless approach to medical facilities and cashless service agreements.

Amongst our services, we provide up to date information to expatriates on local country and health care information, in addition to arranging informal meetings with HR Departments and tour operators. By using our extensive knowledge proactively, we enable our customers to be effective internationally.

Customer support services include:

  • Set up of new families
  • Annual service subscription incl.:
  • Maintenance of expatriate information
  • Hotline for policyholder questions
  • Correspondence with employing companies
  • Cashless service
  • Proactive customer support to policyholders
  • Handling special insurance cards
A recent customer survey conducted by us showed that 86% of our clients are more than satisfied with our services.

Key benefits:

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Professional and proactive local know-how
We inform expatriate customers who have just arrived at their destinations about the medical procedures in the area and provide a list of quality-approved medical suppliers.
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Someone to turn to
Our local experts advise travelers as to the best and closest medical supplier within the requested specialization area.
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Vital training for those who live and travel abroad
We make sure that tour guides within our network are up-to-date and know what to do in case of an accident. We can also advise local and corporate Human Resource departments on “dos and don’ts” in specific areas.
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Peace of mind
We supply local health cards to expatriate customers living abroad, thus providing them with an entry ticket for treatment. In regions where the health system is complicated or in countries with limited knowledge of world languages, accompanying nurses make sure patients are guided through the system.
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Euro-Center is a local gateway to a worldwide service and assistance network for travel insurance and assistance companies, that ensures optimal and relevant treatment at the best possible price.
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