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Supplier Management & Cost Containment

Supplier management and cost containment represent the very core of the Euro-Center services.

Over the years we have succeeded in building a worldwide network of partners and suppliers. Euro-Center develops this by performing site inspections to ensure the highest quality medical facilities are included. This proactive quality assessment guarantees policyholders the best possible treatment. When necessary, Euro-Center also conducts on-site inspections of hospitals and clinics in new geographical areas to expand our coverage.

Euro-Center has always performed rigorous quality control of all incoming invoices, while evaluating related diagnosis costs and treatment times. With our extensive statistics, we have created a detailed database which enables Euro-Center to locate the most cost effective options.

Supplier management services include:

  • Access to extensive network of medical suppliers
  • Direct billing arrangements with suppliers
  • Supplier site inspections
  • Preparation and update of manual to suppliers
  • Provision of preferred suppliers list
  • Integration of new suppliers
  • Electronic transfer of supplier data
Through our detailed knowledge of the local health care system in Japan, Euro-Center Sydney managed to obtain 64% savings on a medical case resulting in 27.618 € reduction.

Key benefits:

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Access to large network
Euro-Center has an extensive network and collaborates with several thousand longterm partners.
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Large savings
Our size gives us the power to negotiate favorable discounts with most suppliers.
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Fast track to treatment
Our well-established network and firstclass reputation give patients access to fast emergency treatment without the potential risk of being rejected.
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Quality approved medical facilities
Medical suppliers in the Euro-Center network are continuously inspected by qualified Euro-Center staff to ensure that our requirements on standards are met.
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Euro-Center is a local gateway to a worldwide service and assistance network for travel insurance and assistance companies, that ensures optimal and relevant treatment at the best possible price.
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