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    Bringing people
    closer together.

    Euro-Center is one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of medical assistance, travel assistance and insurance claims handling. Since 2009, we have been part of the prestigious reinsurance company Munich Reinsurance Company, a multinational insurance group that is one of the world’s leading reinsurers.

    • Local advice and know-how
    • Navigation to the best providers for quality and cost
    • AA quotations
    • Case management support
    • Local language skills
    • Real time access to an interface of EC’s case handling system
    Our services

    We have built
    an unparalleled
    worldwide network
    for global assistance

    Our mission

    Bringing people closer together. Worldwide.
    We make travel safer. That means more travelling, more personal meetings, increased mutual understanding and at the end a better world.
    We accomplish our mission by providing high quality medical and travel assistance, constantly improving our product, providing the best worldwide provider network and developing technologies to support our operation.

    Our history

    Euro-Center was established by Scandinavian investors, who realised how local assistance to travellers could vastly enhance their experience at the destination. The idea was spot-on, and in 1971 the first Euro-Center opened in Mallorca.
    Euro-Center has gradually grown globally to today’s 3 assistance hubs,
    11 branch offices, 300 employees and over 70,000 providers worldwide.

    Why us?

    Global. Extensive. Reliable. Connected. Updated.


    We cover all countries and territories in the world. Due to our local knowledge, travellers and expatriates enjoy smooth access to medical care worldwide through one centralized solution.


    We have built the most extensive cashless network solution for global assistance and claims handling with over 70,000 providers. This includes transport providers objectively selected to ensure available local, regional and international transport solutions.


    We have been in business for 50 years, continuously supporting expatriates, travellers and corporate clients in their location with travel assistance, complex problem solving, emergency assistance solutions and associated services. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that Euro-Center has always provided and will continue to provide uninterrupted, professional assistance services, resulting in healthy customers, forging complex solutions and savings lives.


    We regularly perform site site visits and rank medical providers across the globe to ensure we keep our network updated with quality providers with fair pricing. Our network is dynamic and constantly evolving with providers globally. Our local and international staff is continuously trained on customers’ operational and customary requirements in respect of provider choices and follow local area developments closely. We stay abreast with digital solutions to ensure the highest service standards for our customers.


    Our 11 regional offices and in-house medical professionals support our customers with thorough case management, close contact with medical providers and open communication. With no delay and 24/7.

    One stop solution

    3 assistance hubs; 11 branch offices; claims invoices in 53 currencies invoiced in EUR or USD; over 79,000 providers and 190,000 cases handled annually make Euro-Center the only partner you need. Our structure enables our customers to partner with only one entity whilst still receiving global services from all our Euro-Centers on emergency medical assistance, all aspects of claims settlement, extensive cost containment, quality assurance and advanced reporting tools. The result is a cost efficient global solution.

    Our services


    Our core business is to assist people who need help during travels or while stationed abroad. We strive to help through empathy, strong networks, qualified staff and close communication. We are committed to dealing fairly in our interaction with customers and in our interaction with customers and providers. And not least in our services towards the insured or self-insured members that we are entrusted to take care of on behalf of our customers.


    In all lines of our business we stay focused on environmental and social aspects and wish to offer solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

    Inspired by the United Nations Global Compact principles we aim to establish and develop our business with respect for human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

    We wish to make a positive contribution to the environment and society with our conduct regardless of the destination and encourage our staff to take part in these contributions.

    Corporate governance

    In order to maintain the trust of our customers, staff, business partners and other stakeholders, we are committed to complying with the laws and regulations affecting our business.

    We actively monitor all regulations concerning taxation, data protection, anti-money laundering, financing of terrorism and anti-fraud. We take all necessary measures to adhere to these regulations in all the locations where we are present.

    In order to uphold our reputation and integrity, we have whistle blowing polices in place. It is vital that our staff is assured that full confidentiality is maintained should they report any suspicions.

    To maintain and constantly improve the quality of our services, quality management systems are embedded in our operations. Our aim is to always keep our processes aligned with the requirements of the ISO Standards.


    Our goal is to promote good leadership and equal opportunities. Based on the principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), we are committed to offer our staff a safe and inspirational work environment based on the standards on equality of opportunity and treatment.

    We believe in ongoing education and offer our staff a safe and inspirational work environment with opportunities for short- or long term relocations between our different offices across the world.

    Career opportunities