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    We make
    the world safer.

    3 assistance hubs, 11 branch offices, over 70,000 providers, over 165,000 cases handled annually. Our structure enables our customers to partner with only one entity whilst accessing global and local services from all our Euro-Centers.

    • 24/7 emergency medical assistance
    • Claims handling
    • Cost containment
    • Outsourcing services
    • Cashless services
    • Expatriate services
    • Security services
    • Remote on-site medical personnel services
    • Online services

    is the only partner you need.

    emergency medical assistance

    Our emergency assistance services include:
    Medical assistance
    Ground and air transport
    Travel assistance services
    Repatriation of remains
    Legal assistance
    Security solutions
    Psychological hotline services in multiple languages
    Corporate assistance services

    Euro-Center provides a total emergency medical and travel assistance solution. We have a unique setup with our three alarm centers based in Prague, Helsinki and Bangkok. These hubs have an extensive team of medical doctors and other medically trained personnel available at all times.

    These are further supported by eleven regional offices, each providing local know-how and solutions. These are located in Prague, Florida, São Paulo, Cape Town, Bangkok, Beijing, Sydney, Moscow, Istanbul, Larnaca and Mallorca.

    We endeavor to reach you in your language, wherever you are. Our multi-lingual teams across the globe are specialised in emergency assistance, and able to assist with local solutions that cannot be achieved from a central hub alone.

    We speak your language:
    Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Xhosa

    Provider network

    Euro-Center holds one of the best provider networks worldwide, covering all countries and territories globally with extensive and cashless solutions. Our network of over 70,000 providers is built with our local connections and local knowledge within the region, by our network specialists.

    The network is flexible, dynamic and geared to servicing customers with differing requirements.

    To ensure quality control, all medical providers are classified according to strict medical, financial and quality criteria, resulting in seamless cooperation, effective case management, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Euro-Center is not affiliated with any medical providers and is therefore objective when choosing appropriate providers, based on quality and cost considerations. This particularly applies to the selection of air ambulance (AA) and other transport providers, as well as the appropriate destinations.

    Identification of the right provider
    Site inspections are continuously undertaken, resulting in unparalleled insights and relationships. This includes also meetings with non-medical providers; such as drivers, embassies and local authorities; proving valuable in smooth case handling.

    Our system works, 80% of policy holders or members are navigated to our key providers worldwide through case management. Our web based provider navigation tool further assists users identify the closest, cashless and Euro-Center vetted medical provider in any location.

    Claims handling

    80% of Euro-Center’s cases are settled through cashless solutions (guarantees of payments or ‘flash the card’). This is recognised by policyholders and members as a significant benefit: clients need not worry about payments; Euro-Center takes care of it.

    Providing cashless services means that Euro-Center maintains control over claims costs and developing costs. All invoices have to pass our financial and medical audit, before any payment is approved for processing.

    Swift claims handling. Through effective procedures and by understanding local processes, we are able to ensure turn-around times of within five days.
    Policyholders may submit claims and all related documentation through a dedicated web page simplifying and speeding up the reimbursement process.

    Cost containment

    Cost containment processes are automatically integrated into our provider contracts, our in-house claims and assistance systems, for seamless case management and transparent payment processes..

    Our outstanding cost containment track-record is achieved through:
    High-level contract negotiation
    Volume rebates and prompt payment discount
    Utilisation of bilateral healthcare agreements between certain countries
    Navigation of policyholders or members to preferred providers with favourable contracts
    Claims and medical audits according to local standards
    Case management
    Fraud investigation

    All cost containment results are transparent and available to our customers.
    Our average global, documented cost saving in 2023 was 16% (US market) respectively.

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

    Euro-Center has offices in locations that are internationally renowned for global call centers and outsourced customer service solutions; such as e.g. in Cape Town, Prague, Bangkok and São Paulo. Many group and external customers utilise our outsourcing options and benefit from our extensive language capabilities, niche specialised claims staff and swift upscaling capabilities.

    Our cloud-based telephone systems and IT systems make the transfer of calls between our clients’ and our phone lines seamless.

    • Customer service call center.
    • Claims handling services: medical, recoveries, travel, complaints, etc.
    • 24/7 overflow call taking.
    • White labelling solutions.
    • Multiple languages available, including English, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Danish.
    • Extensive reporting, KPI reporting etc.
    • Ability to work in clients’ systems.
    • Availability of qualified and experienced employees, enabling fast implementation of even large outsourcing projects.
    • As a provider to leading European insurance companies, we are fully compliant with EU GDPR and data protection regulations, globally.

    Remote on-site medical personnel services

    Euro-Center offers topside support for corporate clients from many industries, including mining, off shore sites/vessels, renewable energy, remote construction, engineering etc. We can source medical personnel and equipment, and provide a simple one-stop solution in close cooperation with selected partners.

    The services include:
    Risk assessments and MERPs
    Placement of credentialed medical personnel
    Provision of equipment, clinics and transport solutions
    Occupational health services
    Tailor-made solutions

    Our partners are selected according to previous experience from the country in question, local pricing and knowledge, local compliance, accreditation and liability.

    Security services

    Security services are closely tied in with our medical assistance services and global provider network.

    In a world challenged with security threats and increasing travel to global hot-spots, individuals and companies require comprehensive and effective security protection.

    Euro-Center offers the full package of security services worldwide through renowned UK security companies.

    This includes:
    Security advice, alerts and information services
    Provision of security services in active case handling where required
    Travel risk management
    Travel tracking
    Crisis management: extraction, K&R, terrorism, cyber security etc.
    Global executive protection
    Onsite or offsite security training


    MediCall is a telemedicine service that enables direct telephonic connection between policyholders/members in their location and doctors. Users benefit from audio medical consultations in their native language, anywhere in the world.

    MediCall guarantees rapid access to mother-tongue doctors, reducing medical costs for insurances and corporate clients, while at the same time being convenient and beneficial for those in need of simple medical support.

    Suitable for simple medical queries or long-term hospitalization to provide updates on medical health and treatment.

    An additional service in coordination with our 24/7 emergency medical assistance centers.

    Compliant with all EU data protection requirements and regulations.

    Occupational health services

    Euro-Center offers occupational health services through close cooperation between our in-house medical teams and our extensive network of occupational health providers globally.

    Euro-Center coordinates and arranges health check assessments (pre-deployment, exit medicals, fit for duty etc.), specialised employment health checks and vaccination drives (travel-, Covid- and other regional vaccination support) for our clients anywhere in the world.

    Through external providers, we also offer specialised OH client services including absent management, employee wellness benefits and various employee assistance programs.

    Expatriate services

    Euro-Center understands the importance of feeling secure when travelling or living abroad. We offer services specifically designed for expatriate policyholders and corporate companies, including extensive custom-made services providing assurance before and throughout deployment.

    This includes:
    Welcome packages for newly-arrived expatriates
    Tailor-made provider networks and navigation
    Issuing of e-cards (health cards) and hard copy cards
    Country reports and MERPs
    Regional news alerts
    Member administration
    Topside support/remote onsite medical personnel services
    Security solutions