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Mount Agung volcanic tremor activity notice

Euro-Center Bangkok would like to share the following information regarding the volcanic tremor activity for Mount Agung in Bali, that may concern and/or affect your policyholders.

On the 19th September the Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Center (BNBP) issued a statement that the status of the highest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung, has been raised from level 2 - Vigilant to level 3 – Alert, following an increase in volcanic activity. Certain precautionary measures has been taken, such as appealing to people not to remain or conduct activities within a radius of 6 kilometres of the peak crater of Mount Agung. The last time Mount Agung erupted majorly was in 1963.

Fire in the Croatia

Euro-Center Cyprus would like to share the following information regarding the fire in Croatia, which is currently taking place in the Makarska area, and may concern or affect your policyholders.

Around 200 firefighters have been battling a large blaze, which started in the early hours of Sunday morning on Croatia´s Dalmatian coast. Read More...

Finsbury Park attack on June 19th

Euro-Center Czech Republic would like to share the following information regarding the terror attack near Finsbury Park mosque that took place in London/United Kingdom, which may concern and/or affect your policyholders.

The attack took a place on June 19th, outside the Muslim Welfare House, which is a few hundred meters away from the Frinsbury Park mosque. The police are investigating a potential terror attack after a van struck people near the Frisbury Park mosque. One person died during the attack, and other 10 people have been injured. The police arrested a 48 years old man. Read More...

Forest fire in Portugal

At least 61 people have died in a wildfire still raging in central Portugal, most of them trapped in their cars by flames as treacherous wind drove the blaze beyond firefighters’ control.
The fire started Saturday in the forested Pedrogao Grande area, 95 miles northeast of Lisbon, 30 miles southeast of Coimbra. Read More...

Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo is nearing the end

Euro-Center Cape Town would like to share the following information regarding the recent confirmed Ebola cases in The Democratic Republic of Congo this past month of May.

The Congolese Ministry of Health notified WHO, World Health Organization officials, on the 12th May about a possible outbreak of Ebola after they had discovered “lab-confirmed” cases, carried out at the National Laboratory in the capital, Kinshasa. The infected people were from a remote north-eastern part of the country, Bas-Uele province, about 500 kilometres north of Kisangani, a city of 1.6 million people. Read More...
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