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The Key to Our Success

Local presence and knowhow, committed employees, customer focus, quality and transparency in the case processing. In addition to our professional qualifications, we look for the following when hiring employees worldwide:

Multi-cultural fluency, i.e. an understanding of the customer’s background as well as the local healthcare system and regional challenges.

Language skills in both local and customer languages so that customers are serviced in their preferred language.

Unbureaucratic and service- minded approach.

Credible and professional behavior.
Euro-Center is a local gateway to a worldwide service and assistance network for travel insurance and assistance companies that ensures the best possible treatment at an optimal price.

We are one of the world’s leading claims handling and cost containment companies, annually processing approximately 140 000 cases around the globe. Our clients include some of Europe’s top assistance and travel insurance companies.

Our success is in no small part due to our collaboration with local suppliers. We are acknowledged as a credible collaborative partner thanks to our medical team’s professional dialogue with local Doctors and Hospitals. Strong mutual relationships ensure low claims costs and a seamless service in terms of treatment and finance.

When an emergency occurs, it is the wrong time to improvise. With more than 40 years of experience as assistance, claims handling and cost containment specialists, Euro-Center handles all types of situations with the highest standard of service and commitment.

Our global objectives can only be accomplished by working with the best partners in the field.
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Our Services

Supplier Management & Cost Containment

Supplier management and cost containment represent the very core of the Euro-Center services.

Claims Handling

Euro-Center offers a complete range of claims handling services for both minor and complex claims.

Local Assistance

Euro-Center employees are well informed about the local community and have a thorough understanding of local traditions and culture.

Customer Service

Customer support is an integral part of the Euro-Center service concept.

Business Development

Euro-Center performs a series of value adding business development activities.


  • 医疗救援
  • 成本控制
  • 理赔服务
  • 本地化客户服务
    • 急救培训
    • 7/24医疗咨询热线
    • 次诊疗安排(中国大陆,香港,澳门及外蒙)
    • 医疗陪护及双语


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Euro-Center is a local gateway to a worldwide service and assistance network for travel insurance and assistance companies, that ensures optimal and relevant treatment at the best possible price.
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